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tv   [untitled]    July 25, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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commissioners for -- thank both the commissioners for making the motion to put this on a future agenda for the referral regarding jewel gomez. a lot of people have felt it is kind of not good for your purchase -- your disposition if you make a recommendation and it disappears and that is the end of it. if the mayor wrote a letter and said, i considered to recommendation and decided no, fine. if he writes a letter and take some action, find. but simply to have nothing is not acceptable. i think it is an insult to the commission and i think it puts them in the awkward position of saying we make recommendations and they sometimes just disappear and we do not know what happens to them because occasionally, as has happened a
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number of times in jewel gomez's case, people will say what happened and your answer is -- that does not reflect well. i did not come here to cause problems, but i do come here to point out areas where i think things are not being handled properly. when i go to other public meetings, i tell them, my two main concerns here are to ensure that members of the public are free to make meaningful public comment and they're given access to public records which in most cases you need access in order to form a format. a friend went with me to an arts commission meeting and after he recommended they might get some sunshine ordinance training, one of the commissioner said, and my allowed to comment to him? which if they knew the ordinance which he signed he have known td
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to respond and he said to the man, mr. whatever your name is, i do not know who the hell you think you are but that is a bunch of bullshit and i do not appreciate coming here and being lectured by someone like you. if that is the response by the board commissioner to public comment, especially of legitimate public comment, it is disgraceful. people have a hard enough time public speaking. it is one of the things people fear most in their life and it is hard enough for citizens of the city to come to a board or commission when they are concerned about an item then address those boards and commissions and to be aware of the fact that members in the auditorium and members on sfgtv are also watching them. to have someone showed a total animosity not only says that message to that individual but
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it sends a message to every other person in the chamber and every person watching on government television. it's as we did not want your comments, we did not appreciate them, and if you see the wrong thing to us, we will attack you. our response is ok, the ordinance clearly says members are free to express their opinions, to respond, and i want to thank you for the responses i have gone although i may have not agreed with each one. i respect the fact there were given and it is that give-and- take that really encourages people to participate in government. i think one of the things that i see separately is the fact that many people to not go to boards and commissions because they really do not feel that the board and commissions care about what they say. i have heard them do it. one time in a police commission meeting, they went to item no.
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2 and covered a and b and went into closed session for four hours, it made everyone leave the chamber. there were 15 people that came to talk about item number two. after the four hours, they came back, covered agenda item 2c, and asked for public comment and i was the only one that was left and i said that was not right. i was told by the vice- president, you cannot talk about that. it can only address the substance of the item, you cannot address -- you cannot address how you handle that. i respect the constitution and whenever i see people who are not allowed to comment freely without being discouraged, i will speak out. >> the last item on the agenda
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is public comment on matters appearing or not appearing on the agenda within the jurisdiction of the ethics commission. >> when i joined the navy, i took an oath to support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies, foreign and domestic, to bear true faith -- true faith and allegiance. one of the interesting things about that later when i left the armed forces examining station, i realized i had lived 20 years of my life, had these liberties granted to me by the constitution, not only in this case of the u.s. but in california, and i had never had to do anything in return. i also realized at that point i was never going to be able to
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and accountants to put the burden down. polehinke no me by my appearances here and i am not too shy about -- i think you know me by my parents is here and i am not too sure about my parents is. it is my right to do so and i feel it is my right to do so, petitioning government for redress of grievances. when i see of their careers of the public and they're not given an opportunity to speak, or their comments are disparaged or whatever, i find that totally unacceptable. primarily because in many of those meetings, every member of the commission or board is taken -- has taken an oath to support the constitution of the ninth seat in california. by denying people those rights, they are violating that both in my mind. it is critical that people participate in government. one of the things i have learned
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in life, none of us is smart as all of us. one of the raises the bay area is such a magnet and such a vibrant and dynamic area is because we have people here who've come, who are free to express themselves, whether it is the technology field or any other field and i think that shows well. government benefits at all times by being open and not just accepting public comment. so let's have a public comment. we're not just going to allow you to speak, why it to speak. thank you. >> is there a motion to adjourn >> all in favor? opposed? the motion passes. the meeting is adjourned.
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>> hello, welcome to the faa sfo control tower groundbreaking. thank you will for being here. i like to begin by acknowledging our special guests, ra ylahood, michael huearta and mayor ed lee. we have other vips to introduce. supervisor dave fine, bill withacomb, faa district manager
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andy richards, and from the san mateo trade council, bill mack. jackie perkins from jackie sears' office. our federal security director, and a couple folks with the architectural firm that led to the design and alex legadda. and vernon allen from the allen group. a round of applause for the vips, think you for being here. >> everyone is very excited with this work now proceeding.
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this has moved along at a very quick place. it is a unique partnership between the faa and the airport. for the first time, an airport will be leaving the building of the tower and will be following the direction of the faa and their detailed guidelines for our construction. we are using a design build approach to get six-eight months of the normal cycle and we will be using a formal part during model that we found very helpful and very successful. we are excited that the control tower project will be fully integrated into the terminal complex in both the design and the construction. the tower will fit seamlessly into our recently renovated terminal to, and are soon to be renovated terminal one.
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the construction job will bring hundreds of jobs for construction workers, engineers, architects as well. we are excited about the job creation aspect as well. we are excited the project will allow us to work side-by-side with our partners, the most seismically sound and technologically advanced air traffic control tower in the world. i would like to know introduced the secretary of transportation to give a broader perspective on this project as it relates to infrastructure as a whole. it is my great pleasure to introduce the secretary of the department of transportation. mr. secretary. >> good morning, thank you all for being here. special thanks to michael, who you will hear from in just a
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minute, our outstanding acting faa administrator, had to our very good friend, someone we think so much of, your outstanding mayor, thank you for being here. it is great to be in san francisco, which is no stranger to the power of thinking big and building big. 75 years ago, our forebears' built one of the most iconic symbols of america's vision. the golden gate bridge. it celebrated 75 years strong amidst the struggle of the great depression and in the face of fierce opposition. it would have been too easy to give up and abandon the project, but they did not do that. they listened to the naysayers, and they also listened to those that wanted to move forward. and those are people that had big ideas about building a
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bridge that expands over 4,000 feet. 20 billion cars across the bridge since it opened in 1937. it reminds us that infrastructure investment is the greatest gift we leave to the next generation. what we are celebrating on the site is the next generation, and michael will talk about this, of technology for guiding planes safely in and out of this airport. the this will be the next- generation tower for the next generation. that is what we leave. that is what we do. that is what leaders do. they think about the next generation. this critical infrastructure will create hundreds of good paying jobs. that is the part i really like, particularly for those in the construction vests. they and their colleagues will
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be the ones that will benefit in terms of the jobs that will be provided. ho wanted to be here today to really congratulate all those that have provided the leadership for this. it contributes $1.30 trillion in total economic activity and accounts for 5.3% of the total of the supports over 10 million jobs. that is what these kinds of construction projects really create. the president signed a transportation bill last friday at the white house. the two-year bill, and in large measure, thanks to the leadership of people from your congressional delegation. i want to single out senator boxer. she was the chair of the committee, the environmental committee, the e. p. w. committee that led the way in
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making sure that our country had a big blue print, a plan for transportation. without senator boxer's leadership, this bill would never have been silent. we are grateful to senator boxer for her leadership and getting us a two-year bill, a blueprint on the big picture ahead that really allows us to put our friends and neighbors to work in construction jobs. but the celebration today about this announcement is important because it really does take us to the next generation of technology. when this tower is open, as michael will tell you, it will have the next-generation technology for guiding planes in and out of this airport and guiding people on those planes in the safest possible way. i am delighted to be here for the community, those that serve
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on the board and leadership positions to say thank you for what you're doing with the people of this area. and to modernize this great airports of people can fly safely in and out of san francisco. thank you for including me today. >> it is my great pleasure to introduce the acting administrator, a longtime friend andrea leader delivering on successful partnerships not only with the control towers. also working on delay reduction as well. welcome the administrator, michael huerta. >> it is great to be back in san francisco. it was 105 degrees in washington and i can't tell you how great it was to land and hear that it was 55 degrees in san francisco.
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it is great to be back and i am happy to see job and my good friend, merely. i am so proud the faa is joining with this partnership on the construction of a new air traffic control tower. the faa is contributing $70 million to of effort that will create an estimated 600 jobs, including 400 construction jobs. while it creates needed jobs here today at the airport, it is also a down payment on the bay area's future. i want to affirm what you would just a second ago. this new tower is an extremely important economic investment in the structure of this region. we support 10 million jobs across the country and over 1 million of those jobs are right here in california. and 89 billion jobs of frayed trade moves through the state by
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air. when aviation succeeds, the economy succeeded in california succeeds. san francisco has always been america's gateway to asia. it is interesting that san francisco is the only american city that has a chinese name? old gold mountain, san francisco. severances go has always been a destination and a gateway to asia. it is an enormously popular destination for visitors from all around the world. managing air traffic at this airport is a challenge because of the tight environment. this is actually a very small facility, but they move a lot of traffic through this airport and they moved it very well. we have a lot of airports in the
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bay area, and we have the power very he weather conditions, one of the great joys of living in the bay area. in partnership with this airport, we have done a great job in getting flights safely in and out of your -- out of here. first, the tower is going to be built according to the strictest modern seismic standards, which is important in the bay area. it will include several green creatures like solar panels, recycled materials, reflective roofing. it will provide air traffic controllers with an unobstructed 360 degree airfield view along with the most up-to-date safety equipment for managing air traffic control. the new tower is one of many efforts the faa is making in san francisco.
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i want to recognize the western pacific regional administrator that has invested a lot personally, and has done tremendous work on numerous aviation projects right here in the region have right here at this airport. you are supporting an effort to enhance runway safety areas. and as the faa transitions to the satellite based air traffic system, we will have better solutions for the tough problems here like whether related delays and limitations that have occurred because of the short and enclosed space that characterize this airport. as a result, it will have a suite of new tools for this region and many other metropolitan areas across the country. it is a great day in san francisco, this will be of great power when we move into it, and i look forward to having a first-class facility.
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thank you very much, and thank you. >> thank you, michael. al, my great pleasure to introduce a great leader from san francisco and a great supporter of this airport, mayor lee. >> it is my pleasure to join secretary has and acting administrator as well as our own john martin, the director of the airport to celebrate the groundbreaking. if you know this and you are a student of air control or air traffic, you should know that the first quarter of this year, we had almost 11% increase in passenger travel. compared to last year's same quarter. if you compare ourselves to the other 12 airports around the country, for the last 12 months,
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we are leading the pack with a 5.6 increase in passenger travel. it is critical to not only san francisco, to the bay area and all of our neighbors around the region, i would argue the whole area of northern california to have a safe and successfully operating airport. like any infrastructure, i want to let you know that i wore my lucky guy. this is the tide of the golden gate bridge. it is one that i will proudly wear every time we have a major announcement for infrastructure efforts that we have. and certainly, secretary, with you, you head up agencies that are so critical to the infrastructure of our whole transportation system in the country. whenever you come here, i enjoy
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these announcements because it is another reflection of the investment we are making, the investment the airport commission, the staff, the director, all of the partners we have investing in generations to come of the transportation systems that we need to make sure the economic and regional recovery continues. that economic success for generations continues as well. we raised the bar with this newly designed air traffic control tower. it is a win-win situation. it will obviously create the jobs that the administrator has signaled for the men and women in construction. in fact, it will not only be technologically advanced, but one of the inside jokes i have with the airport staff, we're finally going to get a tower were the elevators go all the way to the talks.
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-- to the top. it will be the iconic design, and in fact, i was one of the olympic torch runners in san francisco for the beijing olympics, as your call. i want to talk to john before he wrote his article about this to see the similarities of the torch, but it is a beautiful design. it also accomplishes at the very basic function of a higher level seismic safety and technological advancements. if i may say, as a great player to all of our federal partners, senators feinstein and boxer, leader pelosi and all of our partners and congressmen, we're working hard to make sure that we take our investments and make
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sure that we implement those programs for future generations. this is what being a mayor, we are grateful to be able to do. federal agencies, transportation, and if you look at how our money that we had, if you consider the department of transportation funding for the transit center for the central subway, the latest announcements about the high-speed rail commitments, we are doing the kinds of things with federal agencies that will spell out what our future needs. it will make generations of people appreciate not only san francisco, but all of our bay area partners together to make sure the investments are right. it is about investing in our future, i am very grateful to not only partners here today,
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but i am excited to get this thing rolling. let's start digging as soon as we can and get our folks to work. i know they will enjoy at, and i look forward to being here in the fall of 2014. i know there is a europe where the faa has to make sure everything is safe, but i look forward to that fall when we can travel to the top and make sure that the elevator goes all the way. thank you very much. >> i want to also recognize the team members on this project, the construction team, project managers, architects, engineers, the finance staff involved in getting this project together. they may work for 15 different organizations, but they are working seamlessly as one team, and that is why this project is ultimately going to be very
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successful. before we have the formal groundbreaking, i would like to open it up for questions from the media. any questions? how is the new tower going to be different from what we have now? >> it will be 50 feet taller and it will provide a 360 degree view. it will be a larger cap outfitted with modern avionics. we will be using it to control air traffic and we will provide an unobstructed view of the airfield, which is extremely important. it will be fitted with new safety technology that we are introducing at the airport and will result in a much more efficient system, a much more efficient use as well as being a green facility. >> for air travelers, the whole
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reason we are making investments in technology as we are planning for the future growth of aviation. we need to be able to handle more traffic, more efficiently, without delay. using advanced procedures that reducing fuel burn, cost, and noise. what that translates to is that you have a much higher likelihood of getting to your destination on time. >> i'm sorry? one of the things we are very focused on in san francisco is doing everything we can through technology that will enable us who have the equivalent of a beautiful sunny day weather conditions and we can handle traffic in all weather. that's what these investments are all about.
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>> [inaudible] >> aviation operates under a concept of sense and avoid. you want to be sure that pilots and other users, everyone operating in the environment has good situational awareness of everything that is going on. in addition to dealing with traffic in the air, you have to be sensitive to what is going on the on the ground. it is a complex operating environment and nothing substitutes for being right there when dealing with a complex facility like san francisco.